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Brook & Byrne Waterfront Constructions was founded in 1992 undertaking Iconic Commercial & Heritage Listed works throughout

Sydney Harbour, and surrounds

Though we’ve grown our domestic client base since our founding, we’re still the same business at heart. Let us help make your

waterfront structure ideas a reality


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At Brook & Byrne Waterfront Constructions, we have an exceptional approval rating of approximately 85% with expertise in various areas.

We’re committed to solving complex site challenges using our creativity and our approach to the different to each Government Department involved in gaining your consent. 

Catherine Smythe

Town Planner & Waterfront Builder


Catherine, known as Cath, has worked in the waterfront industry for over 25 years. Cath has taught many Town Planners, giving them a chance straight from University. These Town Planners continue to work within the waterfront industry for different waterfront companies. 

Over 22 years Cath has trained more than 50 labourers to be as good as a Bridge and Wharf Carpenter, although not having Trade Papers.  Cath has also taken on a number of younger people who have undertaken their Bridge Wharf Carpentry who have gained their Bridge Wharf Carpentry Trade.  One particular young man, called Steve Oste, after he completed his School Certificate, who became her best Bridge and Wharf Carpenter that she has ever had.  Steve was with Brook and Byrne for over seven years, and Cath was heavyhearted, but wished him well in his new endeavors, to see him go,

Cath has gained more than 3000 consents for clients throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, with an approximate 85% approval rate.  Most waterways within the Sydney metropolitan area have the same consent process, going through for Government Departments who all have different controls.  This seems a daunting task, but it can be done.  For Sydney Harbour, the process is very different & the application process includes three applications to Maritime for consent.  Whilst this also seems daunting, & Maritime are a difficult Government Department to deal with, Cath has gained many consents for Sydney Harbour & its tributaries.

Cath comes from 16 generations of fishermen in the North Sea in England, going back to 1646. Her father was a builder & was strongly connected to fishing & the sea. Cath was privileged to grow up on a waterfront property on the Port Hacking & became a ratbag in a tinnie! Cath’s father taught her everything about boating & the waterfront, and even then how to splice of rope, and Cath gained her boating license at the age of 14.  At this young age Cath learnt about waterfront structures & how they work.